Explanation of Aces Up

Aces Up means two pair one of which is Aces. The naming formula can be applied to any rank of card to describe a two pair combo. Two good examples are Kings Up or Queens Up. Note that when using this expression, the named pair should be the pair of the highest rank. So, AAQQ should always be described as Aces Up rather than Queens Up.  

Example of Aces Up used in a sentence -> We had the pair of Aces, but Villain scooped the entire pot with Aces Up. 

Aces Up Poker Strategy

Aces Up is simply the name of a type of poker hand. It does not carry any particular relevance. We may feel left out of a poker conversation if we are not familiar with this fundamental piece of terminology.

Since Aces Up only describes one of the two pairs involved, further clarification may be required. If two players hold Aces Up, it will be necessary to establish the winner by referring to the rank of the second pair.

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