Explanation of Combo Draw

There are two main types of drawing hands in poker. Flush-draws, and straight draw. It’s possible for a hand to have both a flush-draw and a straight-draw at the same time. See the following Hold’em example.

Board: ThQh5c
Hand: KhJh

Not only do we have an open ended straight draw but we also have a flush-draw.

There are other types of holding aside from straight-draws and flush-draws that might be considered drawing hands. For example, every time we hold a pair, we technically have a draw to make two-pair or trips. Seeing as combo-draw essentially just means “having two draws at once”, if we expand our criteria for what constitutes a draw, we can also expand our criteria for what constitutes a combo-draw. Although combo-draw most commonly refers to straight-draw + flush-draw, it can therefore also be used in a slightly broader context to describe any draw with more than one component.

Example of Combo Draw used in a sentence -> We flopped a combo draw – both the gutshot and the flush draw.

How to Use Combo Draw as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Combo draws are somewhat rare in No-Limit Hold’em and are hence considered very strong holdings. It’s possible for a very good combo-draw to have more equity than a made hand.

In four-card formats such as PLO (Pot Limit Omaha), combo-draws are significantly more common. It can often be a mistake to continue postflop with a draw that isn’t also a combo-draw in PLO.

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