What is Complete?

Complete → 1.  (In games with a Button) – Complete is a call made in the SB (small-blind) to match the full amount of the big-blind payment. (Also referred to colloquially as a “SB limp”.)

Example usage → “It was folded around to me in the SB so I completed”

Complete → 2.  (In Stud games) – Complete is a player first to act on third street gets the option to either “bring-in” (make a small bet) or “complete” (make the largest allowed bet).

Example usage → “I had a split pair on third so I completed

Strategy Application 

Although limping is discouraged in NLHE by most strategy resources, SB completing should play an integral part of a good player’s strategy. It is especially useful for increasing the number of hands we play against weaker players at the table.  

See Also 

Stud, Small-blind, Fixed-Limit, Small-bet, Big-bet, Antes, Fish

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