Explanation of Depolarised

Depolarised is a term used to describe a range containing the top x% of holdings. This meaning differentiates it from a polarised range. Polarised rangesinclude a selection of both value-hands and bluffs. Depolarised ranges are often referred to as “pure value” ranges or “extended value” ranges (if a little wider). Depolarised ranges are not generally associated with bluffs.

Example of Depolarised use in a sentence -> Villain is not folding to flop raises. So, the logical strategy is to raise the flop with a depolarised range. 

Depolarised Poker Strategy

There are several situations where utilising a depolarised range makes sense. It may be a better option than using a polarised range. One example is raise-first-in strategies. Good players raise the top x% of holdings rather than looking to split their range between value-hands and bluffs.

Another example is 3betting strategies pre-flop. According to poker solver, 3betting ranges should be depolarised. Some debate over this topic still exists. Players originally assumed that 3-betting ranges should be polarised.They have a hard time letting go of the idea. 

Exploitatively, where our opponent is folding less than he should, it makes sense to cut out all bluffs and use a depolarised range. 

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