Explanation of Solver

A solver is a type of poker calculator. It uses a game tree to generate game theory optimal solutions in poker. Commercial solvers have become widespread amongst poker players in modern times.

Example of Solver used in a sentence -> We want to bet here for exploitative reasons, but a solver would typically check. 

Solver Usage in Poker Strategy

Solver output is designed to approximatethe correct GTO (game theory optimal) response. While correct GTO play can never be exploited, it also does not maximally exploit opponent weaknesses. It’s hence an inferior strategy in the majority of poker environments. Solvers should ideally be used as a tool for understanding poker theory rather than a tool that dictates our precise approach against all opponents. The only time we can implement a perfect GTO strategy is if our opponent is also playing a perfect GTO strategy.

It’s challenging to implement solver strategies accurately for practical reasons. Solver output generally involves significant amounts of “mix” strategies. This scenario happens when the same hand takes more than one line with varying frequencies. (You, call 20%, fold 70%, raise 10%.) This factor makes it hard for human players to follow the strategy accurately even with incentivised GTO strategy. 

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