Explanation of Limp

The standard advice for preflop play in No Limit Hold’em is either to raise or fold when it is folded around to us preflop. Calling, otherwise known as “open limping” is generally considered a weak play. 

Not all limping is bad however, there are different types of limp.

Open Limp – This is when we call after the action is folded around to us preflop (or we are first to act) and we are in any position button or earlier. This is the type of limping that is considered strategically weak.

Limp Behind / OverlimpLimping behind, otherwise known as “overlimping”, is when we limp preflop after a player has already limped before us. There are many situations where this option is strategically viable – it is especially useful for increasing the amount of hands we can play versus the weaker players at the table.

Complete – This option applies exclusively to SB play. Unlike the other positions SB does not need to invest a full big-blind in order to make the call since he already has half a big blind invested. He can simply “complete” the remaining half a big blind in order to call. SB completing, both when folded around to us and when there is a limper before us, is considered strategically sound and is utilized by professionals.

Example of Limp used in a sentence -> Villain in the Cutoffopen limped and we decided to limp behind.

How to Use Limp as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Although limping is discouraged in NLHE by most strategy resources, SB completing should play an integral part of a good player’s strategy. It is especially useful for increasing the number of hands we play against weaker players at the table.  

Limping behind is also an important tool in the arsenal of winning players.

For the most part, open limping remains unused by professional players, although there are frequently small circles of high stakes professionals experimenting with open limp strategies. This should tell us that open limping is probably not as bad as has been made out to be over the years.

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