Explanation of One-gap

A “gap” is a separation between two of our hole cards. It can be a gap of one, two or three (called one-gaps, two-gaps, and three-gaps respectively). A starting hand which contains a gap can be referred to as a “gapper”.

97♥ – This starting hand has a one-gap between the Seven and the Nine. It is hence referred to as a “suited one-gapper” alongside other holdings such as 86s, T8s and J9s.

T876♣ – This Omaha starting hand is referred to as a “Ten high rundown with top gap”. Notice how it has a one-gap at the top of its structure.

Example of One-gap being used in a sentence -> In Hold’em, suited connectors are generally more profitable than suited one-gappers.

How to Use One-gap as Part of Your Poker Strategy

It’s nearly always better that hands do not contain gaps. However, many starting hands containing a gap are still very playable depending on the circumstance.

Note the difference between holding 79♣ and 78♣. In order to make a straight with the former it’s likely very important that we specifically catch an Eight. In order to make a straight with the latter, either a Nine or a Six will get us off to a good start with three cards to the straight. Holdings with a gap are hence less playable overall and less likely to make big hands by showdown.

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