Explanation of Open Raise

On the first betting round (preflop in Hold’em/Omaha), if no player has limped or raised before us, a raise is referred to as an “open raise” or simply an “open” for short.

If a player has already limped before us, then a raise is typically referred to as an “iso-raise” rather than an open raise.

Example of Open Raise used in a sentence -> Open raising aggressively on the button is typically a great idea because we have an excellent shot at being able to pick up the blinds uncontested.

How to Use Open Raise as Part of Your Poker Strategy

In the majority of circumstances, open raising is more profitable than just calling since we generate some fold-equity on the first betting round. There is chance all of our opponents fold and we get to win the pot outright.

This does not however mean that open raising is always better than limping as many players adamantly contest. It depends on the specific circumstances. If unsure however, it’s usually better to raise playable holdings on the first betting round if it is folded around to us.

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