Explanation of Regular

Regular or “reg” is the name given to a player who plays poker frequently. It usually implies that a player is above average at poker and has some experience with the game. The playerpool is hence often divided broadly into two categories, the “regs” and the “fish” (weak recreational players). 

Example of Regular used in a sentence -> Villain was a decent regular. So, we decided to make a tight laydown preflop. 

Regulars Poker Strategy

The line between regulars and recreational players is not as clear cut as sometimes thought. A playercan be a “regular” in the sense that he plays often. But he could also be a recreational player in that he isn’t aware of good poker strategy. Therefore, he is likely a losing player in the long run. The term “regfish” is sometimes employed in such instances.

The term regular is often used to denote an above average poker player. So, regulars can appear anywhere on the skill spectrum from fish to elite professional. It’s also essential to remember that majority of poker players are losing in the long run. Many regulars are hence also losing players, even if they don’t lose chips as fast as the average recreational player. 

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