Explanation of Wet

The wettest or “drawiest” types of board textures in Hold’em and Omaha are usually mid-range textures with a flush-draw. For example -


Monotone textures are also considered drawy by many players, but they are often less dynamic than two-tone textures since there is the possibility that a player has already made the flush.

Example of Wet used in a sentence -> It’s recommended to not slowplay big hands in Hold’em on wet board textures.

How to Use Wet as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Although the board texture itself does not always tell us what the best play is, it’s worth keeping in mind the following characteristics of wet textures.

1. Made hands are typically more vulnerable and should avoid slowplaying.

2. Wet textures increase positional advantage. It’s most valuable to have position on drawy textures.

3. There are more combinations of strong made hands on wet textures. We usually have the luxury of being able to discard some of weaker draws/backdoor-draws since we have so many stronger ones. 

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