Multi flight tournaments

Multi-flight tournaments are phased tournaments with multiple entry days. Each starting phase will be played up to the same point and all remaining players will qualify to the final phase with players from additional starting phase tournament.

Players can choose to start from any starting phase and qualify from one of these phases to the final phase.

The phased tournament has one prize pool which is collected by all the phase one tournaments and aggregated to the final phase, Prize pool distribution is done only in final phase tournament.

Any player will be able to play in multiple starting phases as long as he’s not registered to more than one at any given time. Meaning a player can’t qualify twice to the final phase.

Players can’t register directly to final phase tournament, you can only qualify to final phase from the starting phase. Please notice that players will qualify to final phase even in case they finish the starting phase with one single chip (in such case you won’t be able to register to another starting phase tournament.

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