The tournament tabs display the scheduled poker tournaments. Tournaments are open for registration to players until the scheduled opening time. In addition “Late Registration” is available on some tournaments. To learn how to join a tournament, please see Join a Tournament, in the Getting Started section of this site.
Occasionally, we offer Satellite tournaments in which the winner(s) receive an automatic entry to another scheduled tournament.

A Tournament commences at the scheduled date and time. Participants will be required to buy-in upon joining the tournament. A Tournament buy-in varies depending on the tournament. Participants will also be required to pay a tournament fee.

Once the tournament is about to begin, players will be seated at the tournament tables in a random manner. At each tournament table there will then be an initial draw to determine, according to highest ranking card (by suit), which player will act first as dealer.

Active players may be moved between the tables, as the tournament progresses and players are disqualified (run out of chips).

If, for technical reasons, the tournament is cancelled in the middle, participants who have already been eliminated will lose their buy-ins and entry fees. The remaining players will be refunded their buy-ins and entry fees, and will equally divide up the buy-ins of the players already eliminated (regardless of the chip standing when the tournament was halted).

The last remaining player in the tournament (has won all the chips) is the winner. Tournament prizes are determined according to the tournament Prize Pool Structure, in the Tournament Play section of this site.

Enjoy the tables and good luck!

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