Multi-hand Tips

Want to make more money? Get faster poker action and see more flops? Well here is how:
Why play Multi-hand? You may want to take part in a few games at a time so that you can increase your winnings, speed and improve your skills. Perhaps you wish to play with a particular player at one table, but at another table the average pot is quite high and you want a part of it. Or maybe you want to be involved in the tight/loose play at a third table. With Multi-hand, you don't have to choose only one table, you can join all three!
Playing more than one game at a time provides a higher possibility of increasing your earnings and certainly helps to develop your skill in the game. At first, you might have to adjust to the faster pace of Multi-hand play, so let us help you out with a few Multi-hand hints.
Getting started: Play up to four ring games and four tournaments at a time by following these easy steps:
  1. Start playing in any game or tournament. 
  2. Click on the Lobby button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. 
  3. Select another game or tournament that you wish to play. 
  4. Click on Join Table. 
  5. Click on Sit Down.
Once you are in the second game, repeat Steps 2-5 to play in a third game.
Manage your games effectively: Each game that you join will open in a new window, so to help you effectively manage more than one game, will alert you when it is your turn to act. By clicking on 'Settings' you can choose between having the game window pop up or flash in your task bar (or both!). Play around and see which option suits you best. You can choose whether to have sound or not and if you are fast with the mouse you can manually switch back and forth between the tables and never miss a beat!
Make your call: Remember to also take advantage of the pre-action buttons where you make the decision to fold, call or check before it's your turn to act. For example, you can pre-select to fold a bad hand, giving you more time to concentrate on another game with a stronger hand.
Increase your earnings: Don't forget, you no longer need to wait for that one hand where you will bet big. By playing at two or more tables you effectively multiply the likelihood of landing a strong hand, thus giving you a greater chance to increase your earnings. You are also playing more hands, getting more experience and making your game more solid.
Most importantly, have fun! Keep these tips in mind and ease yourself into the new Multi-hand feature. Once you feel comfortable with your play you can progress to play more tables and hopefully increase your winnings!
Good Luck and have fun!
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