Explanation of Hijack

Hijack – The hijack is the position to the direct right of the cutoff. When playing 6-handed this position is also more commonly referred to as middle-position. It can still be described as middle-position on a full-ring table (9 or 10 players) but the term hijack is more precise. This is because there are three middle positions on a full-ring table sometimes referred to as MP, MP+1 and MP+2. Using the term middle-position to describe a 6-max game is unequivocal since there is only one middle-position. The term hijack is hence more commonly used when describing 9 or 10-handed games.

Example of Hijack used in a sentence -> It was folded around to us in the hijack and we came in for an open.

How to Use Hijack as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Unlike the button and cutoff, the hijack is not typically considered a great position to try and steal with preflop. Since an open raise from the hijack has to get through four players (instead of three or less), open raising a relatively strong range is incentivized.

However, depending on the table dynamic (such as overly tight players on the button and cutoff), the hijack may occasionally get chances to make a steal attempt preflop. This is presumably where the name “hijack” originates. By making the steal attempt first, the player in the hijack prevents CO/BTN from being able to make use of their good steal positions at the table. 

In a 100bb cash game, the player in the hijack would usually be raising first in with roughly 18% of holdings. 

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