Explanation of Offsuit

Starting hands in Hold’em may either be “suited” or “offsuit”. “Suited” means that both of our hole-cards share the same suit while “offsuit” means that both of our hole-cards are of different suits.

This concept can be translated to almost any other poker variant.

In Omaha hands can either be single-suited, double-suited or offsuit. A complete offsuit hand in Omaha (where all four cards are of a different suit) can also be described as “rainbow”.

Example of Offsuit used in a sentence -> In Hold’em, suited hold cards perform better than offsuit hole cards on average.

How to Use Offsuit as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

It shouldn’t be a big surprise that suited holdings are better than offsuit holding since suited holdings have an increased probability of making flushes.

Keep in mind that in Omaha, we prefer only two cards to a suit, not three or four. Being dealt four cards all of the same suit is problematic. Since we can only use two of our hole-cards in Omaha, we end up blocking our own flush outs with the other two. It’s hence better to be dealt a single-suited hand (two to a suit) along with two offsuit cards rather than holding 4 cards all of the same suit.

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