Explanation of Redraw

The term “redraw” is used when a possible draw completes but we hold an even better draw to a stronger hand. For example, in Hold’em

Board: 57K Q
Hand: AJ

Note in this example that it’s possible our opponent makes a heart flush on the turn. However, the turn card also gives us a one-card flush-draw to the nuts. So although our opponent possibly makes his draw, we have a redraw to the nuts.

This term “redraw” does not need to apply exclusively to flushes.

Board: T82 J
Hand: QK

In this example the possible Q-high straight gets there on the turn. In this instance however, we have two redraws. We have the redraw to the nut straight, and also a redraw to a diamond flush.

Example of Redraw used in a sentence -> The straight completed but we had the redraw to a higher straight.

How to Use Redraw as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Holdings with redraws are typically both more valuable and less vulnerable than holdings without redraws

Being able to spot potential redraws is useful, since the best play on earlier streets may often be influenced by whether we have them or not. For example, in Hold’em, protecting flopped pairs is less important when they have redraws to go with them.

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