Explanation of Under the Gun

Under the Gun” or “UTG” for short, describes the position at the table which acts first on the initial betting round. While it may be used for other formats, it is most commonly used to describe poker variants with a dealer button. 

The exact position of UTG will depend on the number of players at the table. For example, in a 6-max game, the UTG position is to the direct right of the Hijack, sometimes referred to as the Lojack. However, in a nine-handed game, the Lojack is no longer the UTG position because he is not first to act on the initial betting round. In a five handed game, the UTG position is the same as the Hijack position etc.

Example of Under the Gun used in a sentence -> A very tight range of starting hands is required if we expect to play profitably from under the gun on a full ring table.

How to Use Under the Gun as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

UTG is generally considered the worst position at the table. We are forced to act without having any indication on the types of hands the players behind us might have. In addition, we will frequently be out of position on the later streets when we get action. It’s hence usually correct to enter the pot with a tight and strong range.  

Of course, the exact strength of the range will depend on how many players are at the table. The more players seated, the worse the UTG position gets, and the tighter the range of hands it will be correct to play.

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