Explanation of Barrel

Poker appears to borrow a selection of terms from warfare. A shotgun can be described as double-barrelled (or even triple-barrelled). Making bets can be referred to as “firing” or as “firing bullets”. An inside straight-draw is typically referred to as a “gutshot”. The first position at a poker table is described as ‘Under-the-Gun”.

Example of Barrel used in a sentence -> (Hold’em) Our opponent check back the flop so we decided to double-barrel turn and river.

How to Use Barrel as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Any time a good player makes a bet on the current street, he’ll have a plan in place for which cards he will barrel. For example, he might bet the flop with a backdoor flush-draw with the intention of barrelling any flush-draw on the turn.

The terms double-barrel and triple-barrel are postflop terms used to describe firing across two-streets and three-streets respectively. A double-barrel usually refers to firing the turn after firing the flop, although it can also refer to firing the river after firing the turn. The term triple-barrel applies exclusively to betting flop, turn, and river.

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