Explanation of Check-raise

Check-raising is often considered a deceptive or sneaky tactic since it combines a passive action (checking) with an aggressive action (raising).

Note that a check-raise can only be made when out-of-position. If we are in-position then our act of checking will automatically take us to the next street.

Example of Check Raise used in a sentence -> (Hold’em) We bet the flop after our opponent checked to us, but then he hit us with the check raise.

How to Use Check-raise as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

Why not just bet instead of going for a check-raise? Here are a couple of considerations.

1. Check-raising gets more money into the pot when successful.
2. Check-raising is effective at exploiting players that bet too wide in position. 

For example, if our opponent fires a continuation bet on the flop too aggressively, check-raising will exploit this leak a lot harder than betting will.

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