Explanation of Flat

The term “flat” is to used to describe a call. Here is the definition of “call” in poker.

Call – If a player makes a wager on the current street we have the option to match that wager precisely by calling. Note that since a wager has already been made we must at least match that wager or declare ourselves out of the hand by folding.

To see the full range of legal betting options in poker, it is recommended to check out the glossary entry under Action.

Example of Flat used in a sentence -> So when villain raises the turn, what is our flatting range in this spot?

How to Use Flat as Part of Your Poker Strategy

Flattingg implies that i) we don’t want the pot any larger on the current street and ii) our hand is still good enough that folding will not be best. It is considered a passive action. 

See Also

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