Explanation of Royal flush

We make a royal flush when we make the Ten to Ace straight all of the same suit.

Board: QhThKh
Hand: AhJh

The royal flush is the strongest possible holding in poker and can hence never be beaten by any other holding. It’s impossible for two players to both make a royal flush in Hold’em unless all five cards of the royal flush are on the board.

Example of Royal Flush used in a sentence -> We had the nut flush on the turn but it improved to the royal flush on the river. 

How to Use Royal flush as Part of Your Poker Strategy 

The royal flush should always look to get all of the stacks in where possible since it can never be beaten. This is not to say that all royal flushes are of equal value. It is always better to make a royal flush using two of our hole-cards since the hand is more disguised and hence more likely to get a big payoff.

In Omaha, it is impossible for two players to both make a royal flush due to the ruling of needing to use exactly two hole-cards. I.e even if the board in Omaha were to read TJQKA of the same suit, no player would make a royal flush since they need to use at least two hole-cards. 

It’s possible for two players to make a royal flush of different suits in other poker games such as 7-card stud and 5-card draw and naturally two royal flushes will chop the pot when facing each. Such scenarios are so rare that the majority of players have never witnessed it.

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